Imagine a world where every car has a smartphone that makes a driver drive safer. A world where massive amounts of data and insights makes cities safer and reduce insurance costs for everyone. Zendrive is executing rapidly on its mission of “making all ground transportation safer using data and analytics” and is focused on building products to support the evolution of transportation.
We are looking for a developer with 3-5 years experience programming with Java or similar language to join our Android team. If you are passionate about writing code that will run on millions of devices, creating a rock solid technology that will save lives and will not give up until the code is best in class, then Zendrive is the place for you.
- Building cutting edge algorithms and techniques for driving behaviour analysis on a mobile device.
- Obsessively optimizing apps and libraries.
- Testing and debugging the product in controlled, real situationsMaintaining the systems and updating as per requirements
- 3-5 years experience programming with Java or similar language.
- BE/ BTech or MTech/ Dual degree in Computer Science, from a Tier 1 college or university.
- Prior Android experience is preferable but not required.
Competencies and Skills Required
A software engineer works in a variety of programming languages, such as C++, Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript etc. Thus strong programming skills are the foundation of any good software engineer.
Besides this, software engineers also need to have advanced math skills, which allow them to write complex algorithms required for developing software.
Some primary skills and competencies that recruiters look for in a candidate are:
- Good programming skills and coding concepts.
- Strong analytical and algorithmic skills
- Strong understanding of some advanced concepts in a particular area.
- Good communication skills