Front End Developer Lead, Checkout

We’re looking for a Front End Development Lead to help grow our team. You will work on planning, resourcing, and executing projects, while providing mentorship and creating growth opportunities for the people on your team. You’ll also collaborate across our leadership teams to help push the disciplines of front-end development and user experience (UX) forward across the company.
Checkout team
People want to buy wherever they are and however they want. Checkout is part of it all: online, on mobile, in-store, on marketplaces, on social media, and in VR/AR. During the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, $1 billion of GMV went through our platform with a peak of $1 million of orders processed per minute. Our limits are constantly being pushed. This is a role where you can think big! What is the future of checkout? How can Shopify build the best buying experiences on the planet (and beyond)?
As a Lead, you'll focus on:

Building Shopify:

  • Work on planning, resourcing, and executing projects
  • Help your team define their roadmap and how you’ll get there
  • Help your team make decisions
  • Be a source of knowledge in your product domain
  • Give feedback on and help build the product
  • Supporting and developing your direct reports:

  • Mentor and create growth opportunities for the people on your team
  • Grow your team’s expertise in their craft and in their communication (and your own!)
  • Help your team obsess with the problem—are they engaged, resourceful, thinking about impact?
  • Supporting and building the front end and UX disciplines:

  • Collaborate with other leads across the company
  • Think about what other teams and leads may learn from you, and what you can you learn from them
  • Seek opportunities to build Shopify's presence in the UX community
  • Here are projects this team has been championing lately:

  • Simplify and speed up the checkout process with Shopify Pay
  • Integrate payment services like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal and help move the Payment Request API forward
  • Making our checkout accessible for anyone by following WCAG 2.1 guidelines
  • Reduce friction by introducing address autocompletion in Checkout
  • Building features and applications that are responsive, performant, accessible, and well-tested
  • Some people you might work with here:

  • Cynthia Savard Saucier, Director of UX, Channels
  • Kevin Clark, Design Lead, Checkout
  • Jean-Frederic Fortier, Front End Developer Lead, Checkout
  • Richard Btaiche, Product Manager, Checkout
  • Larry Lumsden, VP of Engineering, Channels
  • Arthur Gouveia, Senior Front End Developer, Checkout
  • Ricardo Magalhaes, Front End Developer, Checkout
  • Tools and nitty gritty of the team 🛠:

  • Shopify is the world’s largest Ruby on Rails application. Our front end developers work closely with back end engineers to build our products
  • We also build projects using a front-end stack that takes advantage of React, TypeScript and CSS Modules
  • We build all our projects with a collaborative code review process using Github Flow
  • If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce, click the “Apply now” button to submit your application. Please address your cover letter to Shane and include a link to something you're proud of: a portfolio, code samples and/or Github account.
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