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Software Engineer - Tools Development

About Netskope:

Netskope is a fast-growing cloud security company in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market that

provides discovery, visibility, monitoring, granular control and security for both sanctioned AND unsanctioned

cloud apps. Many enterprises believe they have a low rate of cloud app adoption or take a "block all cloud app

posture." The most recent Netskope Cloud Report indicates an average of 755 actively used cloud apps per

enterprise, with many having well in excess of 1,000+. Netskope enables IT organizations to discover apps,

direct usage, protect sensitive data and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, including native apps

on mobile devices and whether on-premises "in the enterprise network" or remote "out of network." Netskope

has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and TechCrunch and was recently named a SINET 16

2015 Innovator. The company's technology has been recognized by leading publications including SC

Magazine, Security Products Magazine, and CIO. Netskope is headquartered in Los Altos, California. Visit us

at www.netskope.com and follow us on Twitter @Netskope.

  Job Description:
  • Write code in Python/Java
  • Build REST APIs to providing provisioning services.
  • Use emerging technologies to build a high performance and scalable system.
  • Design data access layer to optimally store and retrieve data.
  • Build solutions which can inter-operate with other enterprise elements for user provisioning.
  • Experience with Java/Python and MySQL
  • Datastructures and Algorithms
  • Excellent debugging and development skills
  • Familiarity with HTTPS
  • Experience with REST, SOAP, JSON and other web services API frameworks.
  • Understanding of Linux system.
  • Experience on using Git
  • Familiarity with Ansible, Docker Containers and AWS
  • Exposure to networking and network security concepts (HTTP/SSL) is a plus.
  • Experience with Jenkins is an added advantage
  • 2 to 5 years of software engineering experience
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