Machine Learning Engineer
We’re working to transform millions of lives through better behavioral health care. We believe that better data is a critical part of the solution, and we’re looking for Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers to join our team.
We’re building data sets to accurately represent knowledge about patients, providers, and treatments. More importantly, we’re using that data to connect patients to the right providers and to improve effectiveness of care.
Here are some of examples of what we’re working on:
● Creating a comprehensive, up-to- date knowledge base of behavioral health providers by unifying
proprietary and public data sources.
● Building data infrastructure to ingest and transform data on patients, treatments, and outcomes.
● Developing machine learning models for matching patients to providers and optimizing
effectiveness of care.
● Deriving insights from exploratory analysis that directs new research and product development to
improve patient outcomes.
Here is what we are looking for:
● 3+ years of professional experience working with data
● Coding experience with both Java and Python
● Solid grasp of algorithms, optimization techniques, and machine learning
● Experience with creative problem solving in a professional environment
● Elasticsearch or NLP experience is a bonus
What we don’t care about:
● Fancy degrees and titles. We’ve got some of those, and it’s ok if you do too. But we care about
what you can actually do, not the letters after your name.
What we do care about:
● How you develop ideas and insights with data – that’s what we do! We need analytical minds and
quantitative thinkers.
● You’re a self-starter and a quick study.
● Your high standards and judgment on what matters. We appreciate people who want to excel at
everything, but who know how to prioritize must-haves over nice-to- haves.
● Your desire to make a difference in people’s health and well-being. We all care deeply about
making a difference in people’s lives, and we hope you do too!