If it excites you to work on a product that helps developers accelerate their software delivery and you’re passionate about building an application they will love to use, talk to us about joining the team building Codeship by CloudBees. Our product helps developers build, test and release the best products imaginable each day. We are passionate about both the products we develop and the way in which we develop them. Continuous delivery, test driven development and code review for every change that is introduced into our codebase are core principles that we follow.

Our Stack

Elastic Build Infrastructure:

  • Golang
  • Docker
  • AWS

Web Application:

  • VueJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sidekiq
  • Redis
  • Heroku


  • You are passionate about building the absolute best developer tools on the market
  • You like to take ownership from inception of a feature to first lines of code to how it performs in production (You build it, you run it)
  • You have experience building complex applications with modern best practices (e.g. test driven development, continuous delivery, code reviews, ...).
  • You’re an expert developer in one or more programming languages, and you’re willing to learn new technologies and want to work more with Ruby on Rails.
  • You are very proficient with the building blocks of scalable cloud systems: Linux, Containers, AWS, and (micro-)service oriented architecture.
  • You're an expert solving the basic problems in modern elastic scaling applications (e.g. auto-scaling, immutable infrastructure, auto-healing, continuous delivery, ...) .
  • You understand the principles of software craftsmanship. You write clean code, even when working on extremely hard problems under deadline pressure. You test everything.
  • You thrive working on the bleeding edge and can learn new technologies independently
  • You enjoy working with other senior engineers, collaborating on architecture and technology decisions in a direct and constructive way.
  • You like working in a team with a strong feedback culture who push each other to improve


  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent, demonstrated experience
  • Deep knowledge of solid software engineering principles: object-oriented design, algorithmic complexity, software design patterns.
  • Passion for building high-performing and fully automated systems
  • Comfortable in a culture of fast iteration
  • Attracted to complex problems
  • Experience working as part of a team on a large and growing application and codebase
  • Desire to work with a diverse and geographically distributed team


  • Remote in Western / Central Europe or Eastern / Central United States
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Seville, Spain

At CloudBees, we believe that the more diverse we are, the better we serve our customers.  A global community like Jenkins demands a global focus from CloudBees.  Organizations with greater diversity—gender, racial, ethnic, and global—are stronger partners to their customers.  Whether by creating more innovative products, or better understanding our worldwide customers, or establishing a stronger cross-section of cultural leadership skills, diversity strengthens all aspects of the CloudBees organization.

In the technology industry, diversity creates a competitive advantage.  CloudBees customers demand technologies from us that solve their software development, and therefore their business problems so that they can better serve their customers.  CloudBees attributes much of its success to its worldwide workforce and commitment to global diversity, which opens our proprietary software to innovative ideas from anywhere.  Along the way, we have witnessed firsthand how employees, partners, and customers with diverse perspectives and experiences contribute to creative problem solving and better solutions for our customers and their businesses.