Pioneering advancements in blockchain technology infrastructure, Blockstream is the leading company extending Bitcoin at the protocol level to support a broad range of new asset types and financial markets. Blockstream supports values of decentralization, privacy, end-to-end security, user control, and open, permissionless innovation.

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to develop digital wallet software with a specific focus on iOS. You will work on native iOS implementation of Bitcoin wallet software as well as other iOS applications. Check out the latest news on our GreenAddress wallet:

You will enjoy a fast-paced creative atmosphere of a well-funded FinTech Series A startup, multitude of growth opportunities, excellent compensation and benefits, flexible working schedule, and an option for partial telecommute.

A strong preference is given to the candidates living in Victoria, BC.

To Apply:

  • Please share your own iOS native apps portfolio, personal projects, and Open Source contributions for immediate review

  • Tell us why you would be excited to work for Blockstream and please do not be shy to send a Cover Letter in addition to resume!

  • Please send your resume and cover letter in WORD or PDF format to We would like you to focus on your major achievements.


  • Strong CS background
  • Experience working on complex software applications
  • Key contributions to development of complex iOS apps and ability to demonstrate them
  • Extensive experience in iOS development
  • Strong knowledge of objective-C and / or Swift (ideally both)
  • Experience with Git
  • Strong understanding of UI/UX best-practices
  • Good taste in app design


  • Open source experience as maintainer and/or contributor
  • Impressive projects on GitHub or Stackoverflow
  • PromiseKit experience
  • Knowledge of RxSwift
  • Experience in any of C/C++/Python/Java/Javascript
  • Experience with high level use of symmetric/asymmetric cryptography
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Android (native) experience
  • Bitcoin experience as user
  • Bitcoin experience as a developer