Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Frontend Developer to join our team of highly skilled and talented software engineers. This is a fantastic opportunity to work in a quickly growing and ambitious company.

About us

Behavox was founded in 2014 with a mission to help companies make better use of their data and improve various aspects of their business: efficiency, decision making, compliance with regulations and internal policies, etc.

We have developed a platform that processes structured and unstructured data, analyses it using our cutting-edge sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms, and provides insights by means of patented risk-scoring logic and solutions for visualisation of complex data structures.

At Behavox, we strongly believe that great product comes first. Our products not only solve existing business problems, but allow clients to do so much more in other areas of the business that they are truly amazed with the outcomes. We always strive to exceed expectations and are very demanding on ourselves.

About the position

The Compliance product you'll be working on has been at the core of our business from the start and has driven the platform development throughout the history of the company. Our primary target audience has always been financial institutions such as banks, hedge funds, brokers and other asset managers. These companies have massive amounts of data that comes from various sources and requires a lot of engineering effort just to store, before the tougher tasks of processing and making sense of it.

Our product is a powerful tool that can be used to help the clients to work their way through millions of data items by means of searching, filtering and visualising of relationships between entities in the system. We've even built our own IDE inside it!

Despite the fact that the Compliance product is an established market leader in its field, there's still a lot to be done. If you want to work on challenging tasks and be able to influence all areas of development, come join our team and help us build something that we all can be proud of.

Some of the tasks you'll be working on:

- Together with our UX designer and other team members you will create new shiny screens and applications as everybody loves nice UI, right?

- Design and create reusable components and contribute them into our UI kit

- Work on visualisations of complex entity relations, data structures and events in the system

- Discuss product feedback and come up with suggestions and improvements

About you

- You're passionate about engineering and have a proven track record of delivering great software

- It's not somebody else's job to make sure that your code works and is readable and tested - you take full responsibility for the quality of your work

- Challenging tasks can be hard but ultimately it's the only way to learn and get better at what you do

- Collaboration with others is key to making progress and achieving goals as a team

- Cultural fit is important - we seek self-motivated smart people who love thinking big and getting things done

Skills & Requirements

- Strong knowledge of frontend web technologies and JavaScript

- Experience with JavaScript frameworks (we use Angular 2)

- Experience with TypeScript or other strongly-typed languages

- Understanding of reactive programming concept

- Understanding of HTML5, CSS3, Sass

- Good communication skills, ability to operate as part of distributed software development team

- You're ready to do a test task


- Experience with data visualisation libraries (D3.js or similar)

- Experience with development of robust applications dealing with large volumes of data

- Portfolio with links to your projects

Location: London, United Kingdom

Salary:  £50,000-70,000 per annum