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Deep Understanding of Technical Jobs

We built a natural language processing engine that analyzes listings and puts the important technical information up front and enables our matching engine. Instead of reading through lengthy job descriptions, browse listings and easily see details on the technologies and tools being used:

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Our matching engine and search system finds great job opportunities for you based on your skills and preferred languages and tools.

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StackPair syncs new job listings directly from the software used by companies to manage their hiring process. The timestamp on listings is the time the company created the job listing. Get new opportunity details as soon as they are created.

Verified Open Listings

Opportunities are constantly monitored and verified open to ensure you don't waste your time. If it's listed on StackPair, it's still an active opportunity worth applying to.

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Hi, I'm Luke and I build StackPair. I've been coding and building things for almost 19 years now. Throughout my career it's always bugged me that job boards weren't doing more to make it easier to find good matches using the stack I wanted to. I launched StackPair in July 2016 to help improve that, and hope it helps you find some fun opportunities that are inline with your own goals.

Luke Heuer